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Inter House


"Courage not only roars, it is also a little voice of the end of the day, which says,I'll try again tomorrow."
'Raman' as the name itself reminds us of the giant personality called C.V. Raman, a man with an impact. Raman also represents blue colour which stands for peace, tranquility, stillness, vastness and depth and that's what our house members and students are instilled with. They have not only left an indelible impact during our sports week which was held in the session 2013-14 but also taught us the spirit of unity, team work and perseverance by grasping the runner up trophy. Some of our students have performed commendable in their respective fields & bound us to stand on the edge of our seats. Their remarkable performances were worth seeing was an eye treated. They left everyone mesmerizing. At last but not the least, we congratulate and express our gratitude to all our house mates for their everlasting support and co-operation without which Raman House had not made a difference.

House Master – Mr. J. Baunthiyal
House Mistress – Mrs. B. Vaishnav
House Prefect – Aman Baunthiyal (XII-A)


"Courage is the most special attribute that should be infused in the individual's personality"
Subhash the name; itself reminds us of a great personality, Subhash Chandra Bose who scarified his life for the reinforcement of our country. Subhash house has the same spirit and enthusiasm to fight back the impediments which comes along its way. In the year 2013-14 our house has done commendably and incredibly well in all the spheres. Our house came out with flying colours in the Annual Sports meet, bagging first position. We stood first in basketball (boy's senior, girls senior). We were interiors in primary section in a series of events. We snatched away many victories form our opponents in Kho-Kho (primary & junior) skipping (girls) table tennis (girls) long jump girls. Being the incharge of ubhash house, I feel honoured as the runner's trophy was bestowed upon us. We shared with our co-house 'Tagore'.

House Master – Mr. M. Mamgain
House Mistress – Mrs. T. Roy
House Prefect – Priyanka Bebni (XII-C)


"Fortune favour the Brave"
'Tagore' the world itself instills us with zeal and confidence, as it reminds us of a renowned personality Ravindra Nath Tagore who reshuffles up our spirit whenever we talk about his achievements. It is needless to say that our house arriors have the same kind of everlasting spirit, daring personality and fearless attitude and that makes outsmart everybody. As it is said 'History repeats itself' & Tagore House has proved this statement by grasping the winner's trophy again in 2012-13. Our students have shown astounding performance in not only team matches like football volleyball, cricket & Kho-Kho but also in individual events like sprints. T.T. etc. They have out shown their opponents & have left an indelible mark on every event. Members of Tagore House have displayed immense courage, vigour, perseverance, patience and most importantly discipline which called for their well deserved victory. At last but not the least we would like to congratulate and extend our best wishes to all the mates of Tagore house for their outstanding victory and immense support.

House Master – Mr. B. Negi
House Mistress –Mrs. S. Kala
House Prefect – Gaurav Sharma (XII-D)


Bal Gangadhar Tilak was the real founder of the popular anti-imperialist movement in India. He said, "Swaraj is my birth right and I will have it." The motto of Tilak house is to be "honest and strong." Trying hard in every field with the true spirit and keeping up with the motto of our house ensured us a major success in terms of games and co-curricular activities. Besides, sports our performance was excellent in debate, elocution, writing and drawing completion etc. Now, I would like to express my gratitude to all our students, teachers and our house master for their whole-hearted co-operation in making grand success.

House Master – Mr. R. Negi
House Mistress – Ms. S. Rawat
House Prefect – Priyanka Rawat (XII-D)